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Day 1 of Filming in Prescott Ontario

What a great first day filming the Forgotten Railways in Eastern Ontario with Mr. Fraser Laschinger in Prescott Ontario, at the Grenville County Historical Society. History is so much fun, especially history about trains and the 3 railway stations that were in Prescott Ontario. These three documentaries will be so much fun, I can’t wait. Oh and a train did go by as we were filming so AWESOME.

Another Research Day

Another wonderful day to do some research. This time at The C.Robert Craig Memorial Library in The Ottawa Archives.
Sitting down with Mr. David C. Knowles. Thanks for all the resource material.

Having a blast looking into the past

Research on the three (3) stations and two (2) railway lines in Prescott is such a blast. Not only is the research on Prescott is going well but also other railways in Eastern Ontario (for upcoming documentaries).
What a blast into the past it is looking through the Branchline, the Bytown Railway Society magazine.

Thank you Bytown Railway Society the publications are wonderful and a great read, and helpful research.

Research Day 1 Prescott Ontario

Research Day one (Grenville County Historical Society), on the two railways and 3 stations in Prescott Ontario. It is always good to learn something new, I always thought there was only two lines and two stations that went through Prescott Ontario. I learnt today that there were 3.

The station at the end of the Bytown to Prescott (Canadian Pacific Railway), the station on the Grand Trunk Railway (Canadian National Railway). But there was one more, The Prescott Junction that intersected both lines.