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Forgotten Railways in Eastern Ontario is a Web-based Documentary Series that highlights different railways in Eastern Ontario that may have been discarded or repurposed by the different cities, towns and Municipalities in Eastern Ontario.

The intended audience for this project is anyone who has an interest in trains, an interest on the history of the railways; also how the railways have made an impact, but mainly what has become of the railways in Eastern Ontario. The goal of this web-based documentary series is to educate and to bring awareness of the contribution that railways have made in Eastern Ontario. Also how the currently unused railways may have been forgotten for their contribution or even repurposed to further serve the community.

Forgotten Railways in Eastern Ontario will be compiled of archival footage, from local and municipal historical societies as well as assistance from libraries, and the general public. A substantial amount of research will originate on/from advice of Library and Archives Canada, Bytown Railway Society, Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario“Colin Churcher’s Railway Pages”, Ottawa History Circle, The C.Robert Craig Memorial Library, as well from local and municipal historical societies ( North Grenville Historical Society,Grenville County Historical Society, Lost Villages Museum/Historical Society,) and their historians.

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